Tuesday, 7 May 2019

Women's World Cup: Marie-Antoinette Katoto not in France's 23-player squad

Women's World Cup hosts France have left Paris St-Germain's top scorer Marie-Antoinette Katoto out of their 23-strong squad for the tournament.

Katoto, 20, scored 18 goals to be the leading scorer in the French league.

Coach Corinne Diacre said it had been a difficult decision to leave Katoto out but added: "She was lacking something and others showed a bit more potential. She's got her life ahead of her."

France play the opening game against South Korea on 7 June.

Ten players return to the squad from the 2015 World Cup, including Arsenal goalkeeper Pauline Peyraid-Magnin, and Atletico Madrid defender Aissatou Tounkara.


Sarah Bouhaddi (Lyon), Solene Durand (Guingamp), Pauline Peyraud-Magnin (Arsenal).


Julie Debever (Guingamp), Sakina Karchaoui (Montpellier), Amel Majri (Lyon), Gridge Mbock Bathy Nka (Lyon), Eve Perisset (Paris St-Germain), Wendie Renard (Lyon), Marion Torrent (Montpellier), Aissatou Tounkara (Atletico Madrid).


Charlotte Bilbault (Paris FC), Elise Bussaglia (Dijon), Maeva Clemaron (Fluery), Onema Grace Geyoro (Paris St-Germain), Amandine Henry (Lyon), Gaetane Thiney (Paris FC).


Viviane Asseyi (Bordeaux), Delphine Cascarino (Lyon), Kadidiatou Diani (Paris St-Germain), Valerie Gauvin (Montpellier), Emelyne Laurent (Guingamp), Eugenie Le Sommer (Lyon).


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