Sunday, 6 October 2019

Women Football: Ellis says goodbye to U.S. national team

Ellis will coach her final game with the USWNT on Sunday, will leave a legacy that will be difficult for any replacement to match: two World Cup titles and an overall record of 106 wins in 130 games, the most victories of any USWNT head coach.

To the outside world, Ellis was understated. She never forcefully opined on any of the myriad of controversies that followed her team. But behind closed doors, she made herself heard.

Despite all of her on-field success, it was always difficult to find USWNT players willing to wax poetic about their manager. A typical Ellis compliment would be focused on the team’s accomplishments under her command rather than an expression of personal adulation.

For Ellis, though, that was enough. The English-born coach always preferred to let her team’s performances do the talking. After five years in charge and with her legacy secure, Ellis has earned the right to step even further away from the spotlight.

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