Sunday, 10 May 2020

Player's conduct will be "crucial until the end of the season"- medical leader of Bundesliga

Players need to be disciplined in virus plan - Bundesliga chief

Every individual player's conduct will be "crucial until the end of the season", the medical leader of the Bundesliga and Uefa's efforts to restart the game over the continent cautioned on Sunday. 

Tim Meyer, the leader of the Bundesliga's new coronavirus team and administrator of the Uefa medical council, said that while the German league had created the most secure conceivable framework for continuing the league, it was indispensable that players show discipline and kept to the new guidelines. 

The Bundesliga will be the first major league in Europe to continue action, on May 16, with games held without fans and with severe limitations because of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

"Football has to give something back to the people now," he told Reuters . 

"That also means to be disciplined as a player. Keeping themselves away from the virus and the virus from them is the target. They need to be responsible.

"They are very public and need to show how to behave – on the pitch, play football as always but as soon as you leave the pitch, you are a citizen again and need to behave as a citizen in times of Corona, he included. 

Meyer said his undertaking was to make the most elevated conceivable degree of wellbeing, in light of what was "medically justifiable"

"We do not think that any job, any profession in the country is 100% safe at this moment, as long as you deal with other human beings.

"Sometimes there are people who say, 'there is still a little risk'. Yes, there is. We will not be able to eliminate any small risk - we did a lot, we put a lot of measures in place, to make sure that infections from football are highly unlikely," he said. 

Severe Rules 

The Bundesliga has created a definite arrangement of severe rules for the restart which incorporates three separate zones at arenas to constrain human contact and diminish the odds of viral transmission alongside a huge scope testing system. 

There will likewise be an effect on those living with players. 

The co-habitants, spouses, or partners of all Bundesliga players will be required to choose three alternatives – either to undergo two tests, agree to document each contact outside the house or they have to live separately.

In any case, the choice on the most proficient method to react to any positive tests among players – and who in a squad may be isolated, therefore – will stay with the neighborhood wellbeing experts in Germany. 

That came into the focus on Saturday when Bundesliga 2 group Dynamo Dresden were advised by their neighborhood wellbeing body to place the whole crew into 14 days isolate after two of their players tried positive for the infection. 

The choice methods Dynamo won't have the option to play their booked first game after the restart on May 17. 

"We cannot change German law and German law says that in the case of, whoever is tested positive from the population, it is the local health authorities who take responsibility for the management of that case," said Meyer who was speaking before the Dynamo news was announced.

"Usually, and this will be exactly the same with football, the affected person is put into quarantine and then the local health authority starts to check contact persons... fortunately in professional football, we have footage of training sessions and each match," he included, taking note of that following frameworks would have the option to give brisk and itemized data. 


Meyer has been in normal contact with medical staff at the Premier League and the English Football Association. He said the circumstances in the two nations were totally different given the lower effect of the pandemic in Germany and specifically the higher limit with regards to testing for the virus. 

Huge numbers of the Premier League's advancing 'Project Restart'' plans are like the Bundesliga's approach and Meyer said it is hard to deliver an increasingly severe framework. 

"You cannot easily be stricter than we are. You can put everyone into a complete quarantine, that is a scenario that has been debated in several countries," he said. 

"You can do that, but you need to be aware what you are doing then isolating a number of young men, completely, from the outside world for several weeks is not easy.

"We do not know how that would work if it works at all, or what the consequences of it are not just on a medical but also a psychological level, we don't know if it is feasible at all. Being stricter is difficult."

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