Friday, 11 December 2020

Ethiopian 2020-21 Premier League kick-off


The 2020-21 Betking Ethiopian Premier League season-opening fixtures will be played over the weekend. Due to the instability in Tigray regional state Shule Shire, Mekele 70 Enderta and Wolwalo Adigrat Unversity won’t be taking part, leaving the league to 13 teams only. Here are the first-round fixtures. 

Sebeta Ketema vs Dire Dawa Ketema

Sebeta Ketema appointed former national team trainer Abraham Mebratu in October. The club has endured some negative publicity of late for failing to pay players' salaries and the attendant player's unrest. Sebeta players boycotted training sessions at the start of the week but they are confirmed to resume training on Thursday, 10 December.

Dire Sawa Ketema, on the other hand, have not been very active in the transfer window but they have held on to their key players, leaving them the advantage to perform well this season.

Coach Fisseha Tihulemsa got the Easterners backing and hoped to pay back the trust he has received with positive outings in charge of Sebeta Ketema. Neither side have any injury worries but the home side will be without Asechalew Girma who terminated his contract days before the return of league action.

Jimma Aba Jifar vs Adama Ketema

This is an encounter between two clubs who are struggling financially. The two sides had a decent season three years ago but their poor management led them to be in a mediocre state. The visitors lost almost all of their key players to rival clubs.

Knean Markneh, Bereket Desta and Sawa Hotessa left Adama in search of greener pastures elsewhere. The same scenario has happened to the Western Ethiopian side Jimma. They have lost their key members. Both sides will be hoping to rebuke the negative outside energy in hopes of securing league safety, as vying for the title with limited resources seems unrealistic.

Woliatta Dicha vs Hadiya Hossana

The game pitting two South Ethiopian outfits will take place on Monday. Hosanna splashed the cash to get a few new players into the squad. They have secured the signing of striker Sawa Hotessa, who may be capable of rectifying their poor scoring records.

Their new boss Ashenafi Kebede will be instrumental in building a defensive side capable of retaining their league status for next season.

Little can be said about Wolaitta Dicha, as the Dodo side failed to sign any well-known faces following their failure to sign former player Shemkit Gugesa from Fasil Kenema. The game will surely be an enticing affair with a little derby flavour involved. Goals are expected since the fixture previously produced a number of goals in recent seasons.

Bahir Dar Ketema vs Sidama Coffee

Under Fasil Tekalegn, the Waves of Tana transformed to an attacking side but their poor defensive form was costly last season. Bahir Dar had few issues scoring goals but they conceded too many. They tried to strengthen the squad and fill the void left by the departure of the Malian duo of Sidibe and Sissoko.

Sidama Coffee looked in better shape in the past two seasons under Zereaye Iyassu. The team captured proven goalscorer Sidibe from Bahir Dar and extended the contract of Sunday Mutuku. This fixture will be a good start for two sides hoping to challenge for the title.

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